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MarketFinance: a name to reflect who we are today

Kriya Team
November 11, 2019
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As of today, MarketInvoice will become MarketFinance. Why? We're proudly offering businesses leaders more seamless funding solutions than ever before!

Since 2011, we’ve been building MarketInvoice piece by piece. It’s been a wild and wonderful journey, made possible by the thousands of thriving UK businesses we’ve met along the way. Now, we’re thrilled to be announcing the next exciting step in our journey.

As of 12 November 2019, MarketInvoice will become MarketFinance.

Why have we evolved our name? Like any great story, we’ll need to start this one at the very beginning…


From day one, our mission was clear: to put finance back on the side of businesses. We realised that business leaders were not only dealing with increasingly long payment terms, but they were also struggling to get funding to bridge the gap in cash flow. That gave us an idea. We built a smart online platform where investors could advance funds to businesses against their biggest asset: outstanding invoices.

Though invoice finance wasn’t a new concept, the options available at the time were very limited. Business leaders had to sign rigid contracts with hidden costs, forced to finance all of their invoices and lose ownership of their customer relationships through facilities that took a long time (and a lot of paperwork) to set up.

So we pioneered a “pay-as-you-go” solution where business leaders could pick and choose which invoices to finance, accessing funds as and when they needed to. Our smart technology allowed us to offer a truly flexible solution that was faster, more affordable and easier to use.

But we knew that technology by itself wasn’t enough. Business owners also needed support from real people who really understood and cared about what they were going through. It was about being the people they knew by name, the people looking for innovative new ways to get them the funding they needed – instead of finding reasons why we couldn’t.


The more time we spent getting to know our customers, the more we learned about their unique and evolving needs. So as well as innovating on our technology platform and building our proprietary risk engine, we also expanded our range of solutions to give them a wider variety of options.

Businesses that needed regular access to funding could take out an invoice finance subscription, saving money on a fixed monthly fee and making the most of our online platform. Larger businesses looking to accelerate growth could get a funding facility secured against all of their outstanding invoices, seamlessly integrated with their accounting software, to withdraw funds whenever they needed to.

We also built out our offering with contract finance so that businesses could advance future recurring revenue from retainers or licencing contracts and put it to use straight away.


We understand that no two businesses are the same and that no solution is one-size-fits-all. That’s why we deepened our range even further, providing even more flexibility of funding through business loans. With hassle-free setup and funds within 48 hours, businesses could access up to £250k without skipping a beat.

Many businesses fall into a lending market gap between risk-averse traditional lenders and those who are more than happy to lend – but at a price. These are the businesses that we’re here to support. They’re growing and scaling; developing new products and disrupting a host of sectors. In offering business loans, we’re providing more options for how they access working capital to make it happen.

This step not only allowed us to continue supporting our B2B customers, but to extend that support to B2C businesses too.


In time, we came to realise that larger businesses – those that were achieving their wildest growth ambitions – weren’t getting the support they needed. Caught in a no man’s land between traditional business lending and corporate banking, they were underserved at both ends of the funding spectrum.

So we designed purpose-built Corporate Solutions, made up of contract and invoice finance up to £5m as well as business loans up to £500k. We gave them access to large-scale credit facilities, reflective of how far they’ve come and how much further they can go.


Our journey began with a first – the first online invoice finance solution to give businesses the flexibility to pick and choose invoices. In 2018, we agreed a partnership with Barclays Bank UK PLC, becoming the first fintech business lender to partner with a high street bank.

Today, MarketFinance is the first fintech lender to offer businesses a combination of invoice finance and business loans within one user-friendly credit facility.


Over the last 8 years, we’ve been growing, scaling, learning, evolving – staying true to the purpose that we’ve had since day one. We’re incredibly grateful to each and every business who has been a part of our journey and allowed us to be a part of theirs.

So to all of our customers – past, present and future – we want to say thank you. Thank you for trusting us with your business, for letting us get to know you so that we can do better for you and for other businesses like yours. Because of you, we’re proudly providing more choice than ever before for how you fund the small steps, the giant leaps and everything in between.

We believe the evolution of our name is a reflection of who we are today, and of the boundless possibilities of our journey still to come.

We are MarketFinance. And we’re here to help businesses get to where they want to go. Wherever that is and however they choose to get there.


Our phone numbers haven’t changed and we’ve got re-directs set up for any of the ways you usually contact us online. To make it quick and easy, you can also use the links below:

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