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Kriya Team
November 1, 2022
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18% increase in UK SMEs accepting longer payment terms compared to last year

2016 customer success stories

Looking back on 2021: a word from our CEO

2022: the year of embedded lending

5 essential cash flow management techniques

5 things to look for in your embedded finance partner

5 Types of Alternative Funding for SMEs

5 ways COVID-19 has accelerated software development

5 ways manufacturers can strengthen their supply chains

5 ways to enhance the marketing of your accounting firm

58% of business leaders prioritise trade for Brexit negotiations

6 ways to use your flex loan

65% of UK businesses embrace fintech

7 ways your business can be more customer-centric

Creative agencies feel the pinch as 72% of UK businesses cut marketing budgets

Accountex roundup: accountants embrace new technology and cloud innovation

A day in the life of a MarketFinance engineer

A fireside chat with Sean Murphy, Owner of Evidential

A fireside chat with White Label Cocktails

A learning and development culture

A practical guide for software engineers

A roundup of Rishi Sunak’s latest economic support measures

A world away from Lehman Brothers

Account Management within invoice finance – Alex Lyma-Young

Accountants and brokers: the UK's small businesses need you!

Accountants are key business funding advisers to UK companies

Accountants Look Out

Small business accountants: you're so much more than just a number cruncher for your clients

The changing face of accounting: dive deeper into the expanding world of advisory

An SME guide to life after furlough

Ales by Mail – disrupting the craft beer sector

All rise for the UK’s high growth businesses

What does it mean to be an Ally of the LGBTIQ+ Community?

Announcing our new investment round

How to apply for the Recovery Loan Scheme

Apprenticeship and traineeship grants explained: a guide for businesses

Planning your next fundraise: are investors looking to invest during lockdown?

Autumn budget 2021

Scaling B2B marketplaces during uncertainty

Are B2B marketplaces a winner-takes-all space?

Five ways B2B platforms can upgrade their customer experience

Backing yourself: working women's wisdom from ladies in lad-dominated fields

Banco BNI Europa to provide £45m to UK SMEs through MarketInvoice

Bank of England keeps interest rates at 0.1%

Bantham Technologies

Barclays Business Health Pledge event

Barclays customer story - STS 2000

Becoming a better engineer

Helping clients set the best foundations for 2022

Meet BlakBear: winner of our Business Booster Fund

Brexit is coming: time to up your game

Brokers talk export at NACFB 2019

Budget 2020 summary: the SME perspective

Budget 2021: how will small businesses be helped?

Budget 2021: Key Points for Small Businesses

Three ways to build lasting brand awareness

Building a new and improved application journey: a word from our Product team

Business development at MarketInvoice: Chris Findlow

Business Development at MarketInvoice: Marina Yakas

Business finance in the digital world

Business owners expect Brexit deal but fear chaos at borders, as they anticipate a tough Christmas

How does buy now, pay later work in B2B?

Working in the Data team at Kriya

Five common cash flow challenges and how to overcome them

COVID-19 cash flow contingency planning: why speed is crucial right now

Cash flow solutions to help businesses grow

‘Tis the season to get ready

CBILS accredited: we're proud to be supporting SMEs through the Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme

The CBILS explained: get to grips with the Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme

Celebrating the best of 2016

How will changes to import/export affect your SME clients?

Choosing the right cloud accounting software for your practice

Codat Panel Discussion | Restoring Confidence in the SME Economy

Communicating with stakeholders: A brief history of living documentation

Company valuation: top priority for majority of UK SMEs valued at combined £3tn

Comparing accounting packages: you owe it to your clients to know them all

5 tips for nailing the conference circuit

How much control over supply chains do B2B marketplaces need?

Corporate Solutions: comprehensive support for businesses achieving their wildest growth ambitions

Corporate to Fintech: credit risk underwriter

Corporate to Fintech: senior software engineer

The underrated financial tool to get you through tougher times

Could Leeds become the UK’s tech capital?

Creative industries on ice: waiting for £1b in late payments

On lockdown but open for business: preserving company culture

Customer Success at MarketInvoice: Becky Roberts

Customer Success at MarketInvoice: Joanna Mulligan

Is your small business cyber secure?

Data Science at MarketInvoice: Will Bonner

Design at MarketInvoice: Mike Gray

Disaster management for SMEs: keep your business strong when disaster strikes

Disrupting traditional industries: B2B marketplace roundtable

Diversity Statement

Do recent VAT reductions mean more work for businesses and their accountants?

Don’t forget about brexit: what no deal could mean for your business

Seven effective cash flow strategies for small businesses

How embedded finance is enhancing B2B marketplaces

What's better for my business? Embedded credit or invoice finance

Embedded finance for B2B businesses powered by Kriya Payments

Embedded finance for B2B marketplaces powered by Kriya Payments

Engineering at MarketInvoice: Alexandru Orlando

Engineering at MarketInvoice: Carla Caldarola

Engineering at MarketInvoice: Mason L’Amy

#AlwaysBeLearning: MarketInvoice engineer, Roberto Monesi on enhanced learning

Entrepreneur Q&A: small business success

Are your clients prepared for the One Stop Shop scheme for EU VAT?

Europe emerges: the different approaches to lifting lockdown and what this means for business

European banks add £135m on MarketInvoice platform

Everybody do the side hustle

What is invoice finance and how can you use it?

Everything you need to know about the Recovery Loan Scheme (RLS)

Expanding your app stack: a how-to for tech savvy accountants ahead of this year's Xerocon London

Exploring Nobel Prize winners with R: how to visualise data using ggplot2

Exporters keep commercial finance brokers busy

Financing for Fashion SMEs – a chat with SupplyCompass

Financing for Sole Traders in the UK

Founder to founder: A chat with FanFinders

Founder to Founder: A chat with PH Conversions

Founder to Founder: A chat with ‘The Pricing People’

Once an entrepreneur, always an entrepreneur: Q&A with Infinity Energy Organisation

An entrepreneur driven by passion and opportunity: Q&A with KH Homes

Spotting talent: Q&A with Lee Higgins, Founder of The Buy-Side Club

Four steps to successfully market your business services

From 1920 to 2020: how loans have changed over the last century

From start up to scale up – The Investor Perspective

From hailing London taxis to ordering an Uber: Why an even bigger digital shift will happen in business e-commerce.

From the US to the EU: the UK's economic response to the second wave compared to other countries

Fundraising for your scale-up business

Furlough scheme updates: what's new with the CJRS?

The Future Fund is live! Here's everything you need to know.

FX add-ons bolster MarketInvoice Pro

GDPR: don’t slow down just yet

How to get a loan for your business

Get Inspired: 5 Businesses Innovating in Hard Times

Insights from our Tech team: how to get the most out of your data lake

Getting to grips with international business payments

Getting your cash flow from outside sources: a look at 8 popular external finance options for UK SMEs

Getting your practice team back in the office

Government loans only appeal to half of businesses

Growing away from the family bank

Guiding your clients through super-deduction and capital allowances

How to handle seasonal demand

Hear more about being a Product Manager at MarketInvoice – Steph Le Geyt

Help to Grow scheme: everything business owners need to know

Helping clients prosper post-Brexit and post-Budget

Helping your small business clients prepare for a prosperous 2022

Helping your clients get more from automation

Here are the WINNERS of our Business Booster Fund

Hiring in a hybrid world

Why are we hiring in our product team right now at Kriya?

Hiring the right people for your scale up business

How can accountants set their clients up for success before the CBILS deadline?

How coronavirus has sparked entrepreneurship in the UK

How do agencies not only survive – but thrive?

How is Brexit going to affect my business?

How late invoice payments affect growing UK businesses

How much working capital does your business need?

How publicans have pivoted

How retail businesses can be more sustainable

How retailers can hold onto ecommerce customers

How SMEs are managing supplier price increases

How to access a Growth Hub Support Grant

How to apply for CBILS funding: a step-by-step guide for businesses

How to deal with price increases from your Chinese suppliers

How to encourage pre-pandemic customers to return after lockdown

Future-proof your business

How small businesses can make the most of CBILS

How to handle your holiday policy as lockdown lifts

How to hire after lockdown: practical advice for business owners

How to improve working capital

How to improve your customer service

How to invest in SMEs through the CBILS

How to juggle your finances in a pandemic

Make the most of the tax super-deduction

How to make your B2B marketplace a must-have

How to manage cash flow: definitions, examples, free downloads

Cushioning the impact of COVID-19: how to negotiate a rent reduction or payment delay

How to prepare your business for 4 July restriction changes

Is your business ready for Brexit?

How to prepare for new EU VAT rules before July

How to promote a culture of wellbeing in your accounting firm

How to recession-proof your business

How to scale up your business infrastructure

How to start a business during COVID-19

How to use tech to streamline your business

How to use your Recovery Loan Scheme business loan

How to win new business during lockdown

How to write an invoice and speed up payment

Roadmap to recovery: how will lockdown easing impact business service providers?

How will the new restrictions affect your business?

Is your firm ready for hybrid client relationships?

What is hybrid work and will it work for my business?

When it comes to small business cash flow, the accountant reigns supreme

The importance of community in B2B marketplaces

Why is it important to offer flexible payment terms as a B2B marketplace?

Incremental delivery: forget the database

Interview guide: applying to join our Tech team

Interview with Joe David, CEO and Founder of digital-first accounting firm Nephos

Introducing MarketInvoice Pro

Investors are committed to funding UK SMEs

How invoice finance can help pay your bills

Invoice finance eligibility – is it right for you?

What's right for my business: invoice finance or a loan?

Is a working capital deficit getting you down?

Is the future of work at home, the office or both?

Should employers be testing for COVID-19 at work?

Is your business eligible for R&D tax credits?

Is your business ready for a no deal Brexit?

IT at MarketInvoice: Shaneil Clarke

Keep calm and mask on

What's in a number? A look at the way UK SMEs prioritise company valuation

Guide to interviews at Kriya

Late payment worsens for UK SMEs

Late payments: the silent global trade barrier for UK businesses

A guide to global late payments: the delays UK businesses are grappling with both locally and abroad

Lockdown 3.0 – what are the rules and what support can I get?

Lola Olowoye: my story

Looking back on 2020: a word from our CEO, Anil Stocker

Making money without tourists

#MakingItHappen at Silicon Milkroundabout

Managing business cash flow with Kriya

MarketFinance: a name to reflect who we are today

MarketFinance acts to plug £20b cash flow gap from CJRS furlough payroll strain

MarketFinance and Ebury: joining forces to shape the future of fintech lending

MarketFinance approved for accreditation for CBILS to support UK businesses

MarketFinance awarded £10m grant to bring choice and competition in supporting more businesses

MarketFinance banks £50m as it ramps CBILS support for SMEs as deadline looms

MarketFinance becomes NACFB Patron

MarketFinance Business Booster Fund announces first winners of grants

MarketFinance COVID-19 Business Insights Report

Anil Stocker: Kriya is the new name for MarketFinance | We are a fintech platform that keeps business flowing brilliantly

MarketFinance opens CBILS lending for SMES

MarketFinance in pole position as it raises £280m and is approved for Recovery Loan Scheme lending

MarketFinance raises £100m debt financing from Deutsche Bank

MarketFinance secures £30m credit facility to expand B2B Pay Later offering for SMEs

MarketFinance set to transform business lending industry

Marketing at MarketInvoice: Bri Turkel, Brand Manager

Marketing at MarketInvoice: Zubair Mohammad

MarketInvoice announces new integration with Xero marketplace

MarketInvoice Appoints Chairman

MarketInvoice-Barclays partnership will transform invoice finance landscape

MarketInvoice Collections Process – What happens if an invoice isn’t paid?

MarketInvoice enters business loans as it rebrands

MarketInvoice extends invoice finance to over 400,000 additional UK businesses

MarketInvoice looks to double lending to £2bn in 2017

MarketInvoice named in CB Insights Fintech 250 List

MarketInvoice partners with Euler Hermes

MarketInvoice partners with NatWest to fund British businesses

MarketInvoice reaches £2b milestone

MarketInvoice secures £56m equity and debt funding

MarketInvoice selected for the FinTech50

Corporate Solutions: MarketInvoice to bolster UK economy by supporting larger businesses as it increases credit facilities

Mask economics: is it enough?

Meet The Bshirt: Winners of our Business Booster Fund!

Meet The Economist Educational Foundation: winners of our Business Booster Fund!

Money 20/20 Europe: the low down from Amsterdam

On lockdown but open for business: looking after employee morale

More businesses likely to apply for government-backed loans as funds run low and economic emergency set to bite

Work hard, play hard: the life of a working mother

Navigating a no-deal Brexit: a guide for importers and exporters

Finding the positive in a negative review

On lockdown but open for business: finding new ways to network

Capital One, Klarna and Adyen alumni join the board of Kriya

Planning for festive seasonal demand

None shall PAAS: unlocking the data warehouse

Announcing our hybrid work policy

Our year-end review

Pair programming: Dave Farley on how to find a balance

Parallels between working in tech and playing a musical instrument

Partnering with Barclays

Payments and finance for B2B marketplaces – build versus embed?

Perceived barriers to trunk based development

Pity the poor UX designer

Planning long-term when the future feels short-term

Preparing for the Construction VAT Reverse Charge

Problems with late payments? Here's what help is out there

Product at MarketInvoice: Christopher Guttridge

On lockdown but open for business: boosting remote productivity

Progressing your Sales Career – James Casey, Account Manager

Prompt Payment Code helps SMEs

Q&A with Ian Rand, CEO of Barclays Business Bank

VAT Reverse Charge: are the UK's construction companies ready?

The start of a recession? Why now is the right time to be thinking about embedded finance.

Record breaking Q2 at MarketInvoice

Record funding to UK businesses marks successful Q1 at MarketInvoice

Record Q3 at MarketInvoice

How recovery loans can help your clients

(Remote) Office365

Why retaining your clients is the key to practice success

Righting underwriting

Rishi Sunak boosts UK business

Rishi Sunak unveils the latest economic support package for Tier 2 areas

Sales at MarketInvoice: Andrew Taylor

How to scale your B2B marketplace

Scaling up your brand for success

Seamless accounting – what is it, and how can it benefit my small business?

Seasonal demand: £548b of SME revenue driven by seasonal peaks says MarketInvoice Business Insights reports

Seasonal peaks pressure UK SMEs

Seen and heard: our standout insights from Xerocon London 2019

A beginner's guide to SEO for small businesses: part two

A beginner's guide to SEO for small businesses: part one

Shaking things up with Viv Parry: International Women's Day 2020

Silicon Valley to Silicon Roundabout: Fintech MarketInvoice appoints CTO

Six must-watch TED talks for businesses scaling up

Sky News Interview with Anil Stocker, CEO and Co-Founder of MarketFinance

SMEs: two-thirds facing cash flow strains from Coronavirus

SMEs "keep calm and carry on" despite rising costs from suppliers

SMEs running on empty as CBILS deadline looms

Spending Review 2020: what does it mean for businesses?

Spotlight on Jenny Holt: IWD 2021

Spotlight on our BCR Grant Supervisory Committee: Baroness Susan Kramer

Spotlight on our BCR Grant Supervisory Committee: Shalini Khemka

Spring Budget 2021: What does it mean for the Tech industry?

Spring COVID-19 Response Roadmap Summary

Starting a business during a pandemic: is now the right time?

Successful leadership in a virtual environment

Summer Statement 2020 explained

A flying start: MarketInvoice and Barclays collaborate to fund 100 small businesses across the UK

Supporting Ukraine

Survey: are business owners feeling a loss of control?

Takeaways from Perfecting Payments

Tech and accounting: a smart match

Tech startup structure: the build/it buy it debate

Improve your supplier relationships

The Bounce Back Loan Scheme explained

The CBILS: what changed on 3 April?

The effect of late payments on cash flow and how to solve these problems before they arise

The Future Fund explained: everything businesses need to know

5 ways you can make your business more environmentally friendly

Investors and ESG

The importance of digitally transforming your SME

The latest developments in tech

The Mini Budget and what you need to know Kwarteng's Mini-Budget at a glance: here's everything you need to know from today's announcement

The new MarketInvoice brand

The Operations Behind MarketInvoice – Michael Vroobel, VP Operations

Post-Brexit business subsidy scheme

The recession rears its head: what does the crash mean for me?

The road to recovery for UK SMEs

The Self Employment Income Support Scheme explained

The SME funding revolution WILL be televised

The tax digital age: Accountex 2019

What comes first – buyers or sellers?

Think outside the box: an expert guide to finance for COVID-19 recovery

Three takeaways from my favourite product management book

Top 5 advantages of working capital

Top 5 myths about invoice finance

Top tips for export

Transformative tech for post-Covid business

New Research: UK Embedded Finance Index 2022

UK B2B SMEs missing out on huge sales revenue growth from Embedded Finance

UK businesses owed £133 billion since lockdown

UK construction output falls for 9th straight period

UK manufacturers need £650m in April to survive 2020

UK recession announced Wednesday, 12 August 2020: how to react to the R word

UK SMEs forge ahead with cautious optimism as post-pandemic business confidence grows

UK SMEs stretched further by late payments

Understanding gradient boosted model predictions

Unexpected learnings from DIY applied to my work as a product manager

Uses of short-term funding

Varengold Bank AG to provide £45m to UK SMEs through MarketInvoice

Weathering the COVID-19 storm: should you pivot?

Webinar | COVID-19 financial advice questions answered

We're getting funds into your account faster than ever: a word from our Product team

We've appointed Baroness Susan Kramer and Shalini Khemka to our £10m BCR Grant Supervisory Committee

We’ve got skills, they’re multiplying

We've just won £10 million to supercharge our support of UK businesses

We've launched a Business Booster Fund! Win £5k for your business

What alternative funding is available to UK businesses?

What are the emerging business trends for 2021?

What are the implications of lockdown on each sector?

What businesses need to know about Black Friday 2020

Life after lockdown: what can we learn from the beginnings of economic recovery in China?

What does a Risk Analyst do at MarketInvoice – Janneke Hoek

What does IR35 mean for your business?

What employers need to know about lockdown

What funding options are out there now CIBILS is coming to an end

What impact will the COVID-19 vaccine have on small businesses?

What is a flex loan

What is a personal guarantee?

What is invoice finance?

What is The Recovery Loan Scheme?

What is working capital? If you get it, you can get it to work harder!

CBILS: what kinds of funding are available through the Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme?

What the Brexit agreement means for your business

What the FX? Tips for small businesses trading internationally

What to do when the furlough scheme winds down

What to expect from commercial rent contracts after COVID-19

What upcoming VAT changes do accountants need to brief their clients on?

What will working from home look like in a post-covid world?

What's new at Kriya?

What's new at MarketFinance?

What's the future of Making Tax Digital and digital accounting?

Which coronavirus government support schemes can be combined?

Which small business have triumphed throughout 2020 – and what lessons can we learn from them?

Who is falling through the cracks of the Job Support Scheme (JSS)?

Co-opetition could be the key to business success in 2020

Why companies use alternative funding and invoice finance

Why invest in MarketInvoice Pro?

Why we've partnered with upReach and WIBF

Why your Finance Manager will love embedded finance

Why your team’s mental health matters now more than ever

Will your team return to the office?

Winter Economy Plan: What is it, and how will it affect my business?

Working as a Graduate Credit Risk Analyst – Hitesh Mehta

Working women with a biz on the side 

XU Magazine: Going independent with your app providers

Your accountant: a specialist in shining armour

Your working capital cycle explained in 4 simple steps, plus tips for how to improve it

PYMNTS interview with Anil Stocker, CEO and Co-Founder at Kriya

Reflections on 2022 and looking ahead to 2023

More flexible payment options for WooCommerce B2B eCommerce stores with our Kriya plug-in

How Kriya uses open banking to make accessing credit even easier for businesses

Connecting with the experts

Kriya Payments’ global expansion

A week in the life of a Senior Product Manager at Kriya

How BigCommerce is powering embedded finance

Kriya’s risk approach in uncertain times

Customer stories

Adludio | Customer story | Kriya

Ales by Mail – disrupting the craft beer sector

Allied Gold | Customer story | Kriya

Applebridge Construction | Customer story | Kriya

Kriya customer story - Appy Food & Drinks

auticon | Customer story | Kriya

Bright Network | Customer story | Kriya

Our customers are succeeding with our smart funding solutions | Kriya

Crate Brewery | Kriya Lending | Invoice Finance

baa ram ewe | Customer story | Kriya Lending | Invoice Finance

FanFinders | Customer story | Kriya

GiveMeSport – Sports publisher with global ambitions

Catching up with Health iQ

Kriya customer story – Holos Change

Customer story – Kat Maconie

Mobsta | Customer story | Kriya

Moorlands UK | Customer story | Kriya

Nonsense | Customer story | Kriya

Omniplex | Customer story | Kriya

Kriya customer story – Path59

Kriya customer story – Skandel Boathouse

Skillbase | Customer story | Kriya

How did Skrap harness the power of B2B buy now, pay later?

Smartology | Customer story | Kriya

Smith & Sinclair | Customer story | Kriya

Tentsile | Customer story | Kriya

The Craft Drink Company | Customer story | Kriya

The London Distillery Company – bringing craft whisky and gin back to the capital.

Customer story: The School of Sign Language

Knowledge centre

The online marketplaces where businesses are making high profits from selling to other businesses

A Comprehensive Guide to UK Corporation Tax

Our guide to small business accounting

Accounts receivables financing explained

What is Asset Finance

What is Asset Lending

Preparing a business survival plan

Calculating how much finance your business needs

How to calculate the return on investment for your business

Could embedded finance simplify borrowing?

Are Creative Industries Likely To Make A Comeback This Summer?

A Guide to Debentures

The best way to compensate your employees

Determining the best type of loan for your business

Everything you need to know about growth capital

A Guide to Export Finance

What Is Factoring | Invoice & Debt Factoring

Factoring vs invoice discounting

From E-Fitness to Cybersecurity - What Industries Are Set to Boom After The Coronavirus?

Here’s how much to reinvest in your business

How does the buy now pay later model work?

How embedded finance is changing the future of financial services

How to calculate how much your business is worth

How to compare business loan terms

How to Compare Best Factoring Companies & Charges

How To Deal With Late Invoice Payment Problems

How to finance your e-commerce business

How to find the best broker for your business

How to make financial projections for your business

Tips For Finding Reliable Alternative Finance Providers

Understanding When the Right Time to Expand Your Business Is

What is Import Finance | Import Finance Guide

Confidential Invoice Discounting

Invoice Finance Explained | Kriya

Compare Invoice Finance vs Business Credit Cards | Kriya

Compare Invoice Finance vs Business Overdrafts | Kriya

A Guide to Invoice Trading | Kriya

How to Know When You’re Ready to Acquire a Small Business Loan

What is Manufacturing Finance | Kriya

How to successfully negotiate with investors

The Pros and Cons of Outsourcing vs Hiring

Alternative Business Funding | P2P Finance

Pros and cons of debt vs equity finance

What is Purchase Order finance | PO Finance

What is Recruitment Finance | Kriya

Tips for reducing overheads on your online store

What is Selective Invoice Discounting

What is Spot Factoring

How to Start an Employee Share Option Scheme

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Debt Factoring | Kriya

Understanding the Difference Between Good and Bad Debt

The hidden costs of hiring—and how to manage them

The hidden costs of running an e-commerce business

What is the Peer-to-Peer Finance Association (P2PFA)

The pros and cons of paying back your loan early

The ultimate guide to accredited CBILS lenders

The ultimate guide to choosing a business advisor

Top tips to improve cash flow

Trade Finance Explained

Transport Finance Explained

A Glossary of Common Business Loan Terms

What is a business advisor and do you need one?

What is the Coronavirus business interruption Loan Scheme (CBILS)

What is Working Capital | Working Capital Explained

How your business can deal with missing loan payments 

What you need to know about selling business assets 

Learn why B2B marketplaces are booming in the modern eCommerce world.

Addressing the benefits of business diversification

What is Working Capital

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Terms & Conditions

Kriya Payments Terms & Conditions

Kriya Lending | Invoice Finance FAQs

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Responsible Disclosure Policy

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Your Kriya story starts here

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Mar 22, 2023
Kriya's risk approach

Kriya’s risk approach in uncertain times

Our Chief Risk Officer, Michael Hoare reflects on the current economic landscape from the Risk team perspective

Michael Hoare
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Industry Insights
Jan 17, 2023
Anil Stocker, Co-Founder and CEO at Kriya, on businesses in the UK in 2022 and 2023.

Reflections on 2022 and looking ahead to 2023

How companies can navigate their business finance in 2023 and take advantage of key trends such as embedded finance

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Jan 4, 2023
New B2B payments research of UK B2B SMEs and Embedded Finance

UK B2B SMEs missing out on huge sales revenue growth from Embedded Finance

New Kriya research finds that UK B2B firms with e-commerce operations do not plan to offer ‘buy now, pay later’ terms to their customers for another 3 years, despite 92% knowing what Embedded Finance is, and how it helps accelerate their revenues with more sales and 5x higher order values.

Kriya Team
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