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Our Story

About us

We’re here to make financial services for businesses as accessible and instant as the internet.

Great businesses create jobs, improve lives and try to move the world forwards. But millions struggle to keep their plans in motion because of frustrations with accessing the right finance. We’re changing that.

We are a fintech platform that keeps business flowing brilliantly by providing frictionless access to payments, credit and working capital through seamless integrations and instant credit decisions.

Built for, and with, the business community

We started in 2011, frustrated by the financial friction that businesses had to contend with on a daily basis.

With the backing of some major investors, we began developing innovative ways to help businesses clear their day-to-day financial hurdles.

We called on all the power of technology to make things faster and more flexible. But even more important were our teams, who quickly built a reputation for the commitment and care they brought to solving customers' problems.

Why choose us?

More and more business is moving online. But most business financial services are still bogged down in slow and unconnected processes. Whether it's payments, lending or onboarding customers – when things are harder than they need to be, it saps resources and momentum.

Our technology and our people are making sure the services businesses depend on are always at their fingertips. Connected, quick, and easy to track.

Finally, businesses can put their time and energy into goals and growth, not distractions or delay. We’re putting a stop to the stop-start – so they can keep business flowing brilliantly.

Powering up the business community


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Credit advanced to suppliers and buyers
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Transactions processed
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Meet the founder

Anil Stocker

CEO & Co-founder

Anil is Co-Founder and CEO of Kriya, a FinTech pioneering frictionless access to payments and credit for business transactions. Since launch in 2011, Kriya has processed £20 billion B2B payments and advanced £3 billion in credit to UK businesses. Kriya has raised £60 million in equity and £500 million in debt finance to power its development. Anil is an active angel investor in 20+ start-ups across FinTech, Open Banking, B2B marketplaces and crypto. He is a passionate traveller and avid reader.

Articles by Anil

Industry Insights
Jan 17, 2023
Anil Stocker, Co-Founder and CEO at Kriya, on businesses in the UK in 2022 and 2023.

Reflections on 2022 and looking ahead to 2023

How companies can navigate their business finance in 2023 and take advantage of key trends such as embedded finance

Anil Stocker
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Company News
Nov 30, 2022
Kriya is the new name for MarketFinance. We are a fintech platform that keeps business flowing brilliantly by providing frictionless access to payments, credit and working capital through instant credit decisions and the easiest of integrations.

MarketFinance is now Kriya!

An important milestone for our business: Kriya is the new name for MarketFinance. Our Co-Founder and CEO, Anil Stocker, explains how we keep business flowing brilliantly.

Anil Stocker
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CEO and Co-Founder Anil Stocker on digital revolution in B2B eCommerce

From hailing London taxis to ordering an Uber: why an even bigger digital shift will happen in business e-commerce.

Uber transformed the taxi industry forever. The same digital change is now coming for business e-commerce.

Anil Stocker
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Meet our board, advisors and backers

Michael Woodburn
Chairman of the Board

Michael Woodburn becomes Kriya’s new board chairman. Woodburn, the current Chief Data Officer at the leading UK fintech Clearscore and a former Chief Operating Officer at Capital One, brings significant experience of data, analytics, risk management and lending to Kriya.

Jeppe Zink
Non-Executive Director

Jeppe is a Partner at Northzone, based in London. With two decades of venture capital experience. After starting out at Deutsche Bank and Amadeus he joined Northzone and established the firm’s London office. Exits include Space Ape Games (exited to Supercell), EpiServer (exited to IK Investment Partners) and Tobii (IPO).

Paul Forster
Non-Executive Director

Paul Forster co-founded in 2004 and led the company as CEO through rapid growth to a successful exit.Indeed is a giant of the online job search market and was acquired in 2012 by Recruit Co – one of the world’s largest HR services companies.Under Paul’s leadership grew from start-up to market leader, with over 1,000 employees and 140 million monthly unique users today.

Luke Griffiths
Non-Executive Director

Luke Griffiths led Klarna’s UK business between 2016 and 2020, and is now the company’s chief commercial officer, where his responsibilities include helping scale the business globally and leading its go-to-market and business development teams.

Ryan Hayward
Board observer

Ryan has been at Barclays for fast-approaching ten years. Now, as the Head of Strategic Investments for Europe and Asia, Ryan is responsible for originating, executing and managing the portfolio of strategic principal equity investments across the Barclays group.

Michał Górecki
Board Observer

Michal has been Investment Partner at MCI Capital for just over one-and-a-half years. He brings vast experience of delivering complex transactions, and helping navigate through multiple Mergers & Acquisitions.

Myles Dawson
Non-Executive Director

Myles Dawson served as Adyen’s UK Managing Director between 2012 and 2022, opening the company’s first office in this country and leading the UK business to over 100 people, whilst helping Adyen become one of the most valuable fintech companies in the world.

Baroness Susan Kramer
Liberal Democrat Member of the House of Lords

Apart from her significant career in private sector banking and financial consulting, Baroness Kramer has been a huge advocate of the FinTech industry to both the Government and the Bank of England. Currently she is a member of the EU Goods Sub-Committee, as well as the Finance Bill Sub-Committee. As Liberal Democrat Lords Spokesperson for the Treasury and Economy since 2015 too, she’s a well known and respected voice in all things finance.

Shalini Khemka
CEO and Director, E2Exchange

Shalini is the CEO and Board Director of E2Exchange (E2E), which she founded in 2011, as well as a government advisor. With 23,000 members contributing £213 billion to the UK economy and employing 1.15 million people, E2E is the largest and most active network of entrepreneurs. Shalini describes it as ‘ for businesses’ and is enthusiastic about the collaboration this community fosters.

Our milestones

Since being founded in 2011, Kriya has helped businesses collect over £20 billion in B2B payments, and advanced over £3 billion worth of credit through working capital and business loans.


Kriya launched (known as MarketInvoice)


Opened Manchester office and raised a £6m series A funding round

By the end of 2015 the company had opened an office in Manchester and raised a £6m series A funding round[9] with venture capital firm Northzone and Paul Forster (founder of


£7.2m - additional funding received

In 2016, MarketInvoice received an additional £7.2m[10] in funding from Northzone and MCI Partners.


Over £2bn of credit advanced through MarketInvoice's platform

In 2018, MarketInvoice announced that they had funded over £2bn worth of trade on their platform.


£26m series B funding round, and MarketInvoice rebranded as MarketFinance

In 2019, the company completed a series B round raising a further £26m in equity funding from Barclays bank, Santander Innoventures, Northzone and Viola Credit.
In November of the same year, MarketInvoice rebranded to MarketFinance.


A big year for MarketFinance - £280m fundraise, and approved for Recovery Loans Scheme (RLS)

£280m debt and equity fundraise completed, and became accredited under the Recovery Loan Scheme (RLS) after being accredited in 2020 for the Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme (CBILS).


Rebrands to Kriya, fundraises another £100m, secures £30m credit facility, and welcomes three payments alumni to its board.

On 19 May 2022 MarketFinance raised £100m in debt financing from Deutsche Bank.

On 11 October 2022 MarketFinance secured a £30m credit facility from Viola Credit.

On 30 November 2022, MarketFinance became Kriya.

Kriya gained three new board members: Michael Woodburn, Chief Data Officer, Clearscore (board chairman), Luke Griffiths, Chief Commercial Officer, Klarna; and Myles Dawson, former UK Managing Director, Adyen.

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