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B2B eCommerce

Payments make
it possible

Easily integrate new payment and credit options at checkout that keep business moving – for you and your customers. And rest assured that you have the support of a partner with 12 years of finance and tech expertise behind them.

Whether you're a B2B marketplace or a merchant selling to other businesses, and no matter the size of your company, we make it easier for your business customers to buy from you.

Kriya Payments for B2B marketplaces

Good for

Offer flexible ways to pay that make it easier to buy – with instant approval of credit limits. All on an automated, trusted platform. Because more ways to check out means more reasons to check in.

Good for

Make your marketplace the best place to do business, by increasing order volume and value for your sellers. And with us providing the credit, there’s no risk of debt or default.

Good for

A seamless, flexible payments experience increases sales and keeps buyers coming back to you. Quick pay-outs mean faster settlements with sellers. And you’ll have the support of a dedicated account manager throughout.

Kriya Payments for B2B merchants

Good for
your customers

Offer flexible ways to pay that make it easier for your business customers to buy from you – with instant approval of credit limits and super-fast onboarding. All on an automated and trusted platform.

Help your buyers manage cash flow and make the orders they need to grow their business.

for you

More customers flying through your checkout means more sales. Exactly what you need to drive your business to the next level. And your dedicated account manager will always be there to support you.

We provide the credit, so there's no credit risk – you get paid upfront, always.

Embedded at the heart of your business

We know that adding more layers of complexity isn’t a 'solution'. So we've built Kriya to adapt to your system and needs. Whether you need a full, partial or zero integration, we’re there to get you up and running – quickly and seamlessly.

Find out more on our Kriya Payments page here, or connect with us using the button below.

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