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Bigger sales more often and paid upfront

Keep business flowing brilliantly through all your sales channels with flexible trade credit.

B2B Payments to boost your growth

PayLater trade credit for B2B Marketplaces and Wholesalers.

Get paid upfront

Let your customers choose to pay on their terms with flexible credit, while you get paid today.

Unlock bigger order sizes

Don’t leave money on the table. Increase conversion rates and average order size by offering trade credit.

Simple and risk free

Our automatic credit-scoring and anti-fraud checks at checkout lighten the load for your team.

PayLater for
B2B checkouts

Add fast, flexible trade credit payment options to your website checkout flow.

PayLater for
Multichannel sales

Offer secure, flexible trade credit across your online and offline sales channels.

Turn unpaid invoices into working capital

Bridge cash flow gaps and invest in your growth with flexible invoice finance that gets you paid sooner.

"The integration process was very smooth, the team’s level of professionalism and efficiency in addressing issues left us thoroughly impressed. The team was well-prepared and had a strong understanding of the product."

Tibor Kadar

"Offering credit in-house is just not scalable. We need a partner who allows us to scale, who does that as their bread and butter business."

Hussain Hilli
CEO and Co-Founder

"Integrating Kriya Payments has been quick and simple, the team were supportive throughout the whole process and we are already seeing results! Customers love the new offering and our sales team love being able to offer instant credit accounts to customers.”

Tony Vardy
Managing Director

“Being able to offer credit has helped our customers manage their working capital and buy more. As a result, customers appreciate our service even more, as evidenced by higher repeat purchase and retention levels for customers that make use of Nivoda credit.”

Bas Lustenhouwer

"We’ve worked with Kriya for a number of years and they are a key part of our working capital strategy. What sets them apart from other invoice finance providers is their excellent service, flexibility and commercial approach to problem-solving."

John Miller

Unlocking B2B growth
for 12+ years

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Multichannel Payments - The Kriya Merchant Portal - online and offline trade credit and buy now pay later BNPL

Multichannel Payments: PayLater to power your offline sales and eCommerce

B2B commerce is multichannel. We're building Kriya Merchant Portal to manage payments and trade credit in one place for orders across all your sales channels.

Kriya Team
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Kriya Payments
Aug 9, 2022
Buy now pay later in b2b

How does buy now, pay later work in B2B?

Buy now, pay later has exploded in popularity in the B2C sector, but what does BNPL look like in B2B and how can it benefit you as a business?

Gabriela Wasilewska
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Product Updates
Nov 16, 2023
Kriya Product Pulse: November 2023

Kriya Product Pulse: November 2023

Instant buyer authentications, improved support and more.

Kriya Team
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Kriya Payments
Oct 12, 2023
Build vs buy eCommerce and B2B Payments

Build vs Buy: Creating a buyer experience that drives revenue

Winning business online is directly linked to building a high-quality buyer experience. We explore what you need to offer, what to prioritise, and whether you should build in house or buy off-the-shelf solutions.

Kriya Team
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Industry Insights
Sep 29, 2022
CEO and Co-Founder, Anil Stocker, on recession and embedded finance

The start of a recession? Why now is the right time to be thinking about embedded finance.

An upcoming recession will bring many challenges to businesses. Now is the time to prepare for the future and embedded finance might just be the way to do it.

Anil Stocker
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CEO and Co-Founder Anil Stocker on digital revolution in B2B eCommerce

From hailing London taxis to ordering an Uber: why an even bigger digital shift will happen in business e-commerce.

Uber transformed the taxi industry forever. The same digital change is now coming for business e-commerce.

Anil Stocker
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Company News
Nov 30, 2022
Kriya is the new name for MarketFinance. We are a fintech platform that keeps business flowing brilliantly by providing frictionless access to payments, credit and working capital through instant credit decisions and the easiest of integrations.

MarketFinance is now Kriya!

An important milestone for our business: Kriya is the new name for MarketFinance. Our Co-Founder and CEO, Anil Stocker, explains how we keep business flowing brilliantly.

Anil Stocker
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