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Sell more with PayLater for B2B eCommerce

Keep your checkout flowing, with flexible payment and credit options.

Interactive tour

B2B Payments to boost your growth

From enterprises to marketplaces, we’re here to help B2B eCommerce sites remove friction and keep business flowing brilliantly.
Increase to Average Order Value.
More likely to purchase with PayLater options
More likely to make repeat purchase

Keep your checkout flowing

Win more online sales with Kriya’s PayLater solution for eCommerce checkouts.
Offer your buyers the choice to pay on their terms, while you get paid up front, in full.
Get paid upfront
Be totally in control of your cash flow. You're paid instantly, while your customers pay how and when it suits them.
Instant decisions
No 48-hour waits for credit approval. Our technology does the work instantly, so when your customer hits checkout, there's nothing to slow them down.
Mitigate risk
Get peace of mind that you’re doing business with reputable buyers. We run automatic credit-scoring and anti-fraud checks at checkout.
No more admin
Who wants to do credit control anyway? We handle payment collection and reconciliation so you can focus on growth.

See how Kriya works

Want to see our eCommerce checkout in action? Or see how to raise offline orders in our Merchant Portal? Check out the key workflows with our interactive product tour.

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Start tour

Unified trade credit across all your channels

Provide your buyers with the same flexible credit options across all your sales channels, whether tele-sales, in-person or online.

Offer credit to buyers in 45 countries

Accelerate your international sales with trade credit. Credit with Kriya is available in UK Sterling, US Dollars, Euros and Australian Dollars.

How PayLater works for B2B eCommerce


Buyer places order on your website.
  • We check new buyers and give a credit limit in seconds.
  • They choose to pay in 30, 60 or 90 days or in 3 monthly instalments.
  • We pay you upfront.
  • You fulfil the order as normal.


Get paid immediately.


We take care of collecting payment.
  • Your customer pays us on their terms with their choice of bank transfer, direct debit or open banking.
  • We handle collections and reconciliation for you.

The end-to-end solution
for embedded finance

With instant credit decisions through a single Kriya Payments Orchestration API, buyers have complete flexibility to pay how they want, when they want

Integrate with Kriya
your way

Choose how to build Kriya into your checkout experience.
Direct API
Build directly to our API for a highly flexible and customised checkout solution.

Most suited for merchants with a technical development team and can be completed in 2-4 weeks.
Hosted Payments Page
Insert a branded payment page at checkout or embedded within other payment prompts.

The development effort is lower and it only takes 1-2 weeks to integrate. It also updates automatically.
eCommerce Plugins
Get up and running immediately with our range of eCommerce plugins.

Kriya has plugins for WooCommerce, BigCommerce, nopCommerce and Adobe Commerce (Magento), with many more coming soon.

“Being able to offer flexible payment terms to our B2B customers underpins our market offering. We want to invest in modernising the checkout process and we’re excited to work with Kriya to digitise and provide flexible payment terms to a much wider range of trade customers.”

Anthony Caie
Director of B2B & Services

“Being able to offer credit has helped our customers manage their working capital and buy more. As a result, customers appreciate our service even more, as evidenced by higher repeat purchase and retention levels for customers that make use of Nivoda credit.”

Bas Lustenhouwer

"Integrating Kriya Payments has been quick and simple, the team were supportive throughout the whole process and we are already seeing results! Customers love the new offering and our sales team love being able to offer instant credit accounts to customers.”

Tony Vardy
Managing Director

“Something I really love about the Kriya relationship is that it feels like a partnership rather than a service provider who's selling you something.”

Abdel Wahab Turkmani
CEO & Founder

"The integration process was very smooth, the team’s level of professionalism and efficiency in addressing issues left us thoroughly impressed. The team was well-prepared and had a strong understanding of the product."

Tibor Kadar

“We expect our turnover to double year on year, and timely access to working capital provided by Kriya is critical for this”

Ben Grass

“We've had significant growth since we've started offering credit at checkout with Kriya. We are now doing over £100,000 a month with Kriya just because we're offering that service for them. And I can see that that growth is just going to continue to skyrocket.”

Andrew Haehn
COO and Co-Founder

Accelerate your revenue & growth

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