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Turn  unpaid   invoices to instant working capital

Bridge cash flow gaps and invest in your growth with flexible invoice finance.

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Get paid sooner

Get a cash advance on selected invoices before they’re due. Access fast working capital when you need it on a pay-as-you-go basis.
Get funded faster
No waiting. Get up to 90% of your invoice funded within 24 hours.
Access more credit
Go beyond your business credit limit. Tap into spending limits set against each of your buyers.
Transparent pricing
There’s no hidden fees or contracts. You only pay when you finance an invoice.
Financing that doesn’t disrupt your customer relationships. Retain control of payment collections.

See how Kriya works

Want to see our eCommerce checkout in action? Or see how to raise offline orders in our Merchant Portal? Check out the key workflows with our interactive product tour.

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Start tour

Make it happen
with invoice finance

Take control of your cash flow and advance the funds owed to you from outstanding invoices.
Cover your overheads & payroll
Invest in business growth and hiring
Quickly pay off those unexpected expenses
Avoid waiting 30, 60 or 90 days to get paid
Don’t let late payers slow you down

Finance an invoice in Kriya Merchant Portal


Get Credit
  • Upload the invoice details and your buyer’s company information.
  • We’ll run an instant credit check and allocate a spending limit.
  • Get an advance of up to 90% within 24 hours.
  • Choose the invoice payment terms from a range of flexible options.
  • We’ll let you know the fee upfront.


Funded in 24 hours!


  • Your buyer pays off the invoice as normal, into our trust account.
  • You're fully in control of collections and your buyer won’t hear from us.
  • Once the invoice is paid, we’ll send you the balance, minus our fees.

Finance your exports in 45 countries

Grow your business internationally and at home.Credit with Kriya is available in Sterling, US Dollars, Euros and Australian Dollars.

"We’ve worked with Kriya for a number of years and they are a key part of our working capital strategy. What sets them apart from other invoice finance providers is their excellent service, flexibility and commercial approach to problem-solving."

John Miller

“We expect our turnover to double year on year, and timely access to working capital provided by Kriya is critical for this”

Ben Grass

“Something I really love about the Kriya relationship is that it feels like a partnership rather than a service provider who's selling you something.”

Abdel Wahab Turkmani
CEO & Founder

Control your cash flow and boost your growth