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Kriya Product Pulse: February 2024

February 23, 2024
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New interactive product tour, plus big new Merchant Portal updates

Kriya Product Pulse: February 2024

Kriya Product Pulse is back and we’ve got some great updates in store this month! Be sure to check out our slick new Interactive Product Tour, plus read on for some great new capabilities that went live on Merchant Portal this month.

Take our Interactive Product Tour for a spin!

⚡  Want to try out some of the key workflows across our products? Take a test drive on our interactive demo.

Viewing on a mobile device? The tour here is optimised for desktop, but click the image below or head to our homepage to take the Product Tour on your mobile.

We’ll be adding more workflows to the tour. In the meantime we’d love to hear what you think.

Buyer authentication goes multichannel

🕵️ Now you can launch buyer onboarding from Merchant Portal.

Buyer authentication brings credit checks and anti-fraud into a single flow. This functionality, previously only available in our eCommerce checkout products, is now available in Merchant Portal too.

Merchant Portal is our product for creating offline PayLater orders and is ideal for buyers that purchase over the phone or email.

Why this is cool:

☑️ You can now send an onboarding link to offline buyers from within Merchant Portal that allows them to complete Director KYC.

☑️ This means once authenticated, your buyers can pay for orders with Kriya both through eCommerce checkout and offline with you using Merchant Portal.

Bulk upload orders to Merchant Portal

🔼Save a bunch of time uploading your invoice orders into Merchant Portal.
Now you can copy and paste order details directly from a spreadsheet into Merchant Portal to create multiple orders at once (up to a maximum of 50 at a time).

Bulk upload PayLater orders in three easy steps

International buyer onboarding

🌐Now you can onboard buyers from 35+ countries into the Merchant Portal.

Looking to provide on the spot credit decisions for export customers? Now you can get real-time spending limits and onboard merchants from 35+ countries via Merchant Portal.

☑️ This is great news for Sales teams looking to self-serve on payment terms, and for Finance teams looking to reduce their admin burden.

Buyer authentication got better

✨This month we shipped some improvements to our buyer authentication process.

  • Firstly we’ve introduced some additional background checks to our authentication process, further reducing risk to you.
  • We’ve also made it easier for buyers to complete authentication by removing some friction from the flow.

What’s next?

🔮  We’ve got some exciting developments to share next month

  • Split Payments - Use PayNow to take upfront deposits, or top up the balance of credit payments made using PayLater.

Stay tuned for more details next month!

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