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Kriya Product Pulse: November 2023

Kriya Team
November 16, 2023
min read
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Instant buyer authentications, improved support and more.

Kriya Product Pulse: November 2023

Welcome to Kriya Product Pulse. Read on for a run down of all the latest updates and features we've shipped this month, plus a glimpse of what we're working on next.

Instantly authenticate buyers

⚡  Now you can perform risk, fraud and ID checks checks during onboarding with automated instant decisions.

Our improved buyer authentication process is delivered as an API or our Hosted Onboarding flow. You can redirect to it from within your onboarding or checkout experience.

Get a risk decision and spending limit in under 30 seconds, and fraud checks in under 6 seconds.

See it in action

Why this is cool:

☑️  Carry out instant risk and fraud checks directly within the buyer flow.

☑️  Buyers are provided their spending limit instantly.

☑️  Our buyer authentication capabilities pull bureau and other public data on buyers using a number of leading providers.

Merchant Support

🙋  Our support process has had a big upgrade this month with our new ticketing system. 
Now you can get the right help, at the right time with better tracking in place.

☑️  Raise and categorise issues as support tickets.

☑️  Use templates for frequently asked questions to cut the time it takes to request support.

☑️  Visibility of SLAs for resolution times.

🔮  What’s next? We’re working on building this directly into Merchant Portal for a future release.

Faster spending limit reinstatements

Previously we had delays around reinstating credit against a buyer’s spending limit if they made payment directly to you, the merchant.

🔌   So we’ve updated our API. Now you can log credit repayments directly via your product or billing software. As a result, we can reflect order statuses in real time, making limit reinstatements much quicker.

☑️  This means your buyers can make the most of their full spending limit without delay.

Accept orders in non-domestic currencies

🌐  Buyers can now place orders in any of our supported currencies. 

We’ve removed the limiting default setting that restricted orders to being placed in the buyer’s domestic currency.
For example, a UK-based buyer can now place an order in $USD. 

☑️  This means your buyers can do business with you in the currency of their choice. 

Faster US bank account validations

💲  It’s now way easier to validate US bank accounts. 

Whether your business account or that of your buyers, our criteria have been simplified.

Validate an account receiving US Dollar payments with either:

  • US bank account number and ACH routing number
  • IBAN and SWIFT/BIC code

What’s next?

🔮  We’re working on improvements to Merchant Portal and Authentication

  • Bulk orders
  • Multichannel sales
  • Automated processing for cancellations and refunds
  • Instant authentication for UK-based sole traders

Stay tuned for more details next month!

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