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Kriya Lending

Connecting with the experts

Georgiana Campbell
February 23, 2023
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We closed off the 2022 conference circuit with Barclays’ final Regional Roadshow in Bristol. It was a lovely way to see off the last week before Christmas, especially because it was our first Barclays Roadshow as Kriya!

Danielle Coombes and Freddie Phillips from Kriya

We launched our partnership with Barclays in 2018 and were one of the first FinTechs to strategically partner with a high street bank. Working with the 332-year-old bank meant we could embed Kriya selective invoice finance within their product offering, providing access to alternative finance for their millions of customers. At Kriya, we have a dedicated Barclays Team working with Business Banking customers and Barclays RMs (Relationship Managers) to find the best solutions for small businesses looking to expand.

The Roadshows hosted by Barclays offer a brilliant networking opportunity for us to reconnect with RMs from across the country and learn about the issues facing small businesses. This ranges from managing extended payment terms; sourcing backup cash to cover unexpected costs, or simply finding the most sustainable way to grow in an uncertain economic environment.

Events like these are also a refreshing reminder of how important meeting people in real life is when it comes to business relationships. Following a tech-centric post-pandemic business world, it’s easy to forget about the importance of face-to-face events. Employees have proved they can work effectively and efficiently from home: we’ve sorted our Zoom backgrounds and bought standing desks (and sometimes treadmills) for the home office. Many traditionally office-based businesses have implemented remote working options and more flexible hours, leading to higher employee satisfaction

But, and it’s a big but, nothing can beat the energy of a room filled with people working towards a common goal, especially as a salesperson. 

Representing Kriya at the Bristol Roadshow were Danielle Coombes, Partnerships Manager, and Freddie Phillips, Business Development Manager. The significance of meeting people face-to-face for the first time, after months - maybe even years - of speaking on the phone or via Zoom, was one of their key takeaways.

Another takeaway was connecting with RMs specific to the Agricultural sector, the focus of this Roadshow. Each sector that we support requires specific knowledge and the best way to learn that is from the experts: the RMs who are advising SMEs on how to approach their funding requirements. The team used this opportunity to gain a more in-depth understanding of the kinds of agriculture fields RMs work with, and how best we can ensure their client’s needs are met.

While invoice finance is often the ideal funding thatbusinesses are looking for, there’s no one size fits all approach. Each facility is offered based on a range of criteria to ensure businesses are set up to succeed, whether that’s for growth or ensuring bills are paid on time. 

Keeping business flowing brilliantly is the core of everything we do. Meeting with the regional teams from Barclays helps maintain the fundamental relationships that mean we can provide the specialised support SMEs need to thrive. We’re fast, flexible, and reliable. We offer selective  invoice finance that lets businesses choose which invoices to fund, only when they need to. 

Don't take it from us: check out the rave reviews on Trustpilot

The next Roadshow is on February 28th, focusing on the SE Region. If you’re an RM based in Southern England, hopefully we'll see you there! We’ll even have some goodies to give away… We’ll let you know more in the lead-up on LinkedIn, so keep an eye out. 

Otherwise, you can connect with the team by emailing The Barclays team will help find your clients the best facility for their business.

If you’re looking for funding and have not come through Barclays, you can email and our team of invoice finance experts will help get you started.

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