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MarketFinance is now Kriya!

A note from our Co-Founder and CEO

Anil Stocker
November 30, 2022
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An important milestone for our business: Kriya is the new name for MarketFinance. Our Co-Founder and CEO, Anil Stocker, explains how we keep business flowing brilliantly.

Kriya is the new name for MarketFinance. We are a fintech platform that keeps business flowing brilliantly by providing frictionless access to payments, credit and working capital through instant credit decisions and the easiest of integrations.

The seeds that led me to co-found this company 12 years ago were planted a couple of years before, in the crash of 2008. Traditional financial institutions stopped almost all lending to small businesses, starving firms of the funding they needed to survive and grow. The bank I worked for at the time - Lehman Brothers - collapsed, leaving me out of a job, and fuelling my desire to find new and innovative ways to help firms with their working capital needs.

Fast forward to today, I’m proud to lead a company that has helped businesses collect more than £20 billion in B2B payments, and advanced over £3 billion worth of credit through working capital and business loans to thousands of firms. 

During this time, the market and our customers have evolved, and so has our product offering. We extended beyond offering invoice finance to providing business loans during Covid, a time when businesses were forced to embrace digital ways of working – especially eCommerce – just to stay afloat.  

With this new way of working, we see a market that’s ripe for Embedded Finance. Businesses need fast and straightforward access to credit, and Embedded Finance allows them to use these products at the point of need online.

Embedded Finance involves a complex set of interlinked steps. Suppliers can use it to authenticate new buyers, determine their creditworthiness or risk profile, extend the credit they need in real time, or provide multiple payment options to their buyers at the point of sale.

These have all been core to our business for years, but our MarketFinance brand doesn’t encompass the full opportunity we see and our ambitions in the space.

We believe Embedded Finance tools will drive the next wave of innovation in how suppliers and buyers manage their finances and we’re excited to play our role in driving this forward. This aligns with our ultimate vision: to make financial services for businesses as accessible and frictionless as the internet.

So, from today - Wednesday 30 November 2022 - MarketFinance will be known as Kriya.  

Our new business strategy, product architecture and brand reflect our evolved vision as we continually seek new ways to better serve our community of customers and partners. Ultimately, this is about doing what we’ve always done – innovating to help business flow brilliantly.

What is our new vision?

Kriya makes finance frictionless by integrating into your systems. But it’s not just our tech that gets to know businesses, our people do too. By learning about your most pressing day-to-day financial challenges, we can help you to keep your plans flowing.

This means that when a business chooses Kriya they don’t just access our seamless products; they get proactive, enduring partners who get what matters to you and care about the bigger picture. We want to see businesses make the biggest difference possible.

What’s more, the name Kriya is a Sanskrit word and yoga discipline, meaning “completed action” and “being in a state of flow”. So it fits perfectly with where our business is now, and will be in the future: to keep business flowing brilliantly.

A simplified product suite - all on one fintech platform

We’ve simplified our product suite down to three core offerings, covering all things finance on one seamless platform:

Kriya Payments

Integrate our payments solution at checkout to give your customers flexible payment and credit options at the point of sale. You’re paid instantly, they pay us in whatever way suits them, and the market keeps moving. All quick, consolidated and trackable. 

Kriya Lending

We offer several flexible lending and credit options. They help overcome cash flow bottlenecks, ease liquidity concerns, or give you the means to invest in future growth. They can be accessed directly or through our embedded partners.

This includes our products formerly known as “Invoice Finance” and “Loans”.

Kriya Authentication

We always carry out risk and fraud checks for you, helping you onboard new customers into your system faster and more securely. 

So you have less risk, and more time to spend on the health and momentum of your own business.  

Same great service. New name. 

Day One for our new brand is 30 November 2022. We’ve worked hard behind the scenes to make the transition seamless and ensure there will be zero interruption or delay for our customers and partners. 

Our DNA and commitment to continue applying innovation to revolutionise how businesses manage payments and credit, remain the same. 

Let us know your thoughts on our new brand - we hope you like it and look forward to working together with our partners and customers to keep business flowing brilliantly.

Anil Stocker

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