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Crate Brewery

Customer since:
East London

"Using the platform has been great, it's very straightforward. Our account manager is also very responsive."

Jen Thompson
Head of Finance
Crate Brewery
Crate Brewery benefits from Kriya Lending

Long payment terms


Kriya Lending

How Crate Brewery used invoice finance to overcome a cashflow squeeze

Crate Brewery partnered up with a large supermarket chain. They increased production hugely to fulfill their orders but then had to wait up to 60 days to be paid.

This put a great deal of pressure on cash flow.

There were a lot of upfront costs for raw materials, packaging, staff and so on but most of their working capital was getting tied up in outstanding invoices.

With demand for their beer greater than ever before, they knew they’d need funding to keep up. They had initially approached their bank but were hesitant to take on the whole-ledger facility they had been offered.

Selective invoice finance was a great credit solution.

Crate started looking into alternative providers that could offer greater flexibility and that’s when they found MarketFinance. They signed up for a selective facility, so they have the freedom to simply login to the MarketFinance platform and fund invoices as and when they need to.

Tom Seaton, Founder & Director

For us, Crate is all about making great ideas happen. It's a place where food, music, art and beers come together.

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