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Transport finance explained

January 28, 2020
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Cash flow in the haulage and transport industry can be difficult, with rising fuel prices and high operational costs.

This can cause serious issues for a transport company when it wants to expand by acquiring new vehicles or pitching for new business.

Transport finance offers a way for businesses to release working capital , specifically from haulage and freight transactions, that might otherwise remain tied up in invoices for long periods of time, allowing them to grow.

Transport finance comes in the form of asset-based lending, usually where loans are secured against assets (i.e. vehicles).


We help a range of transport businesses including couriers, hauliers and distributors to take control of their cash flow, without needing to put their vehicles up as collateral.

We offer a range of funding solutions that could help your business, including contract finance, selective invoice discounting , confidential invoice discounting and loans.

It’s quick and easy to access funds, which means you can get the cash flow you need to get on with business. With Kriya, you get:

  • Fast funding: quick funding decisions and set-up
  • Hassle free experience: easy to use digital interface
  • Help in real-time: personal customer support
  • Straightforward costs: no hidden fees
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