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Keep customers sailing through checkout, with flexible payment and credit options. You’re paid instantly, they pay us how and when it suits them, and the market keeps moving. All quick, consolidated and trackable.
Streamline payments with Kriya

Say hello to payment powers

From enterprises to marketplaces, we’re out to help B2B eCommerce platforms remove friction and keep business flowing brilliantly.
More ways to pay

Offer your customers the payment method, currency and credit terms they're looking for – all powered by our payments platform. Because more ways to check out means more reasons to check in.

Instant decisions

No 48-hour waits for credit approval. Our technology does the work instantly, so when your customer hits checkout, there's nothing to slow them down.


Fully customisable reports give you the data you need, when and how you need it. Watch your reconciliations go from slow and manual to instant and automated.

We collect

Save yourself the pain of credit control. We provide the credit, so we also chase any late payments. Leaving you with more time and energy for better things.

Know your customer

Automated risk scoring and fraud review lighten your team’s workloads. Leaving you to do business with customers you can feel confident about.

Ease of integration

Embedded at the heart of your business, we've built Kriya Payments to adapt to your system and needs. Whether you need a full, partial or zero integration, we’re there to get you up and running – quickly and seamlessly.

How our all-in-one embedded finance platform works

With instant credit decisions through a single Kriya Payments Orchestration API, buyers have complete flexibility to pay how they want, when they want

Embedded finance for B2B Marketplaces

We make it easier for your customers to buy from you online, while reducing your credit risk.

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Embedded finance for B2B Businesses

Quickly onboard new customers and give them instant credit decisions to pay on flexible payment terms.

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Payments orchestration, the Kriya way: one integration, many ways to pay

With Kriya Payments integration your customers can pay in many ways
Make cash flow seemlessly
Get paid faster
Kickstart your business

Take a load off your payments.
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We are proud to serve customers in our growing community

Customer Stories

Quotes from our community

Exemplary service and a fantastic product

As a startup, we have been working with Kriya for just over 10 months to provide embedded finance solutions to our clients. Throughout this period I have been thoroughly impressed by their services and adaptability to our ever-changing needs. From the initial mobilisation period and throughout the management of the account, their professionalism and client services have been exemplary. Annie, our Account Manager has been fantastic to work with, she always goes the extra mile to help and is always available should we have any questions or require assistance.

Nathan Darbyshire

December 7, 2022

Adapting to your business needs

I have been working with Kriya (formerly MarketFinance) for several months, and I must say I'm impressed by how well they can adapt to what our clientele requires in order to be able to use the credit facility.The team has been super helpful and business keeps growing non-stop.

Francesco Iapicca

December 7, 2022

Working with Kriya (formerly MarketFinance)

By working with Kriya (formerly MarketFinance), we are able to offer our customers 30 and 60 days credit instantly without ever leaving the Meatex site.

This is completely new for the industry and has helped us better serve customers and in turn, sell more. Integrating Kriya Payments has been quick and simple, the team were supportive throughout the whole process and we are already seeing results! Customers love the new offering and our sales team love being able to offer instant credit accounts to customers!


September 23, 2022

Amazing solution for B2B embedded finance

We've recently integrated with Kriya's Buy Now Pay Later feature. Kriya Payments offers credit limits that are large enough for us to be attractive to our largest customers and their rates are very competitive.

Integrating with the team was an enjoyable experience and even though we had some small teething problems at first, the Kriya team were always willing to find a solution quickly.

We've seen sales increase significantly since integrating and I would highly recommend Kriya Payments to any marketplace looking to offer credit to its business customers.

Andrew Haehn

September 26, 2022

Let's get things moving for you

We make it easier for your customers to buy from you online while reducing your credit risk. Giving them instant credit decisions at checkout to pay on flexible payment terms helps them manage their cash flow and make the orders they need to help their businesses grow. You’re paid up front, they pay how it suits them, and the market keeps moving.