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New Research: UK Embedded Finance Index 2022

January 4, 2023
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New Kriya research shows high levels of awareness of Embedded Finance among UK B2B SMEs. But with implementation intent being 3 years on average, this means thousands of UK firms are leaving money on the table.

UK Embedded Finance Index 2022

UK SMEs and Embedded Finance

UK SME sector’s estimated turnover is £2.3 trillion. Yet 94% of global B2B commerce is yet to move online. Which is probably why growth of B2B embedded payments is projected to reach $2.6B in 2026. It’s a huge space with everything to play for. To better understand Embedded Finance in the UK we commissioned research company Opinion Matters to survey 250 C-Suite executives. We uncovered their current economic concerns, and awareness of Embedded Finance and its benefits.

Embedded Finance is not a foreign concept

Embedded Finance for business is an emerging trend which has been proposed as a solution to some of the challenges facing businesses today. When asked whether they've heard of the term Embedded Finance and if they were aware of what it means, vast majority responded yes.

Q. Have you heard of the term Embedded Finance and are you aware of what it means?

It takes much less time than expected

95% of B2B e-commerce firms that have not yet adopted Embedded Finance are planning to do so in the next 5 years. On average they expect to roll out B2B Embedded Finance in just over 3 years. However, with Kriya implementation takes only 4 weeks, from the first discovery call to deployment. That's over 3 years of missed revenue!

* Kriya internal data: average time from initial discovery call to deployment

What this data shows us that there's a massive untapped potential in Embedded Finance, of which UK SMEs are aware, but are not taking advantage of.

Read the full report

Fill out the form below to access the full report. In it we examine top business concerns plaguing SMEs, benefits and expectations for Embedded Finance, what makes a good partner and more!

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