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Debra Cartlidge, Founder - The School of Sign Language

The School of Sign Language

The School of Sign Language supports deaf pupils. A Kriya RLS loan is helping her complete the build of the latest stage of the business: a residential school

Andrea Girlanda, CEO


Part recruitment business, part social enterprise, Auticon is connecting its neurodiverse IT consultants with the world's leading companies

Holos Change

Holos Change

Holos Change helps businesses innovate and lead for the future. We chatted to Neil Crofts, co-founder, about disruptors, authentic leadership and more

Jerry Anderson, Director

Allied Gold

Family-run business, producing jewellery in London for over 40 Years

Richard Chamberlain, Founder + MD

The Craft Drink Company

Cotswolds-based drinks wholesaler, working with independent UK producers

Phil Dean, Founder & MD


A creative agency specialising in brand strategy, insight and communications