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Diversity Statement

November 1, 2022
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At Kriya we're commited to a diverse and inclusive workplace, here's how.

Kriya is constantly working to maintain and improve our diverse, inclusive and friendly workplace. We ensure that both applicants and our people receive unbiased treatment without discrimination on the grounds of gender, age, disability, religion, belief, sexual orientation, marital status, race or any other protected characteristic.

We prioritises diversity and inclusion in everything we do and we are a business driven by our values: #AlwaysBeLearning, #MakeItHappen and #1Team1Dream. As a company, we identify that creating a diverse environment is a community effort and is everyone’s responsibility. We believe in diversity, equality and inclusion for everyone at every level at Kriya and we want to build the best business for our team. Our goal is to continue evolving for our people and our community. 

We continuously review how our business can be more diverse and inclusive and have implemented a number of initiatives and actions this year alongside partnering with a couple of organisations that share the same vision of DEI as us:

  • Kriya’s Diversity and Inclusion committee - celebrating key dates, raising awareness, educating and providing support to our colleagues through an open forum for our employees to meet and support one another in building their community and sense of belonging.
  • Improving our hiring process, collating data and reporting on Diversity and Inclusion as a key metric across the employee lifecycle.
  • Ensuring all of our job descriptions are gender neutral in language.
  • Transparent framework on progression within the organisation, how we grow and develop talent and internal opportunities. 
  • Regularly reviewing our benefits package with diversity and inclusion to ensure we are accessible across our business and reflecting our people and their needs. 
  • In the wider community, we have partnered with upReach, which supported students from disadvantaged backgrounds and with Women in Banking, focusing on connecting its members with industry leaders and pushing change in these traditionally male-dominated fields.
  • Supporting charities and local community groups.

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