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Kriya Interview Guide

Kriya Team
November 1, 2022
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Interested in joining our awesome team? Check out this guide to understand the process and get some advice!

kriya team

Our Hiring Process:

At Kriya, we look to make our hiring process as straightforward, seamless and transparent as possible, so we can really understand your bespoke strengths and skills that will make you successful in the position. 

We want to give you as much support and guidance as we can, so have created a guide on what to expect, how to prepare for a Kriya interview and our commitment to you during the hiring process. 

Our interview process tends to take around four to six weeks to complete and is split across four stages.This may vary depending on the role, however you can expect to go through all or some of the stages during the hiring process. 

Step One - Application

Once we have received your application, a member of our Talent team will determine if you are a match for the position and get in touch to schedule an exploratory phone call to find out more about your experience. Throughout the entire process, they will be your first point of contact and be there to talk through the process, answer any questions or to provide feedback you may have during interviews.

The initial call will last around 30-45 minutes, where the Talent representative will assess your experience, suitability for the role and motivations to join Kriya. 

Step Two - Work Sample

For most positions, we will ask you to complete a skills based take-home work sample  to gain insight into your strengths, how you solve problems and prioritise your work. Our Work Samples are designed for you to demonstrate how you would apply your knowledge and experience to a real life situation you might encounter within the role.

Our process moves quickly; so we look for you to send their task back within a week however we don’t have specific time deadlines. Once we have received your work sample, we will provide feedback and a decision regarding whether you are moving forward in the process. 

Step Three - Hiring Manager Interviews

You will have the opportunity to meet the Hiring Manager, your team and a variety of stakeholders across the business who will focus on technical, competency and values based interviews. Most onsite interviews last around 1-2 hours and we have a relaxed dress code in the office, so feel free to dress in whatever makes you feel comfortable. 

During the Hiring Manager interviews, we will be assessing your fit for the position and culturally, which are equally as important to the team. Take a look at our #Values to understand what qualities and attributes make up the employees at Kriya.Remember that this is also your chance to interview us to see if you are a good fit for Kriya - we always leave five minutes at the end of each interview for you to ask any questions, so make a note of anything you would be interested to know from our hiring team. 

Step Four - Feedback 

Once you have finished your interviews, our hiring team will meet to determine if we will be moving forward with an offer of employment. Regardless of the outcome, we always ensure all candidates are provided detailed feedback at every stage of the process.

Preparing for an Interview:

At Kriya, we want you to be able to showcase your strengths, skills, knowledge and bring your best self to the interview. During the process, we will focus on a range of technical and competency based questions to learn more about your experience, values and your motivations to join us on our journey. 

  • Prepare your responses - understand the key requirements for the position and think of examples where you have demonstrated those skills. At Kriya, we want to understand not only why you are suitable for the role, your career progression and achievements, but what value you can bring to the overall business. 
  • Understand our proposition - research Kriya and what we really do as a business, who our competitors and customers are, our products and our future opportunities and challenges in the Lending and Payment space. 
  • Be yourself - at Kriya, you can truly bring your authentic self to work. We continuously strive to develop a diverse and inclusive culture and look to hire candidates from a variety of backgrounds. Share what you are passionate about, your future aspirations and what motivates you. 
  • Get to know us  - Interviews are a two-way conversation, so take the opportunity to ask the Hiring team any questions you have regarding the role, our culture, values and future strategic plans. 

 Our Commitment to You:

Kriya is constantly working to maintain and improve our inclusive, friendly workplace. We ensure that both applicants and our people receive unbiased treatment without discrimination on the grounds of gender, age, disability, religion, belief, sexual orientation, marital status, race or any other protected characteristic.

If you require any adjustments to make your experience more comfortable or if there is any way we can make interviewing more accessible for you, please let the Talent team know.

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