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Ways to integrate embedded finance with Kriya Payments

Kriya Team
March 23, 2023
min read
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B2B businesses can integrate embedded payments with Kriya in three ways depending on the level of customisation they want, turnaround and technical capabilities

Integrating with Kriya Payments

Embedded finance is a great way to stand out from competition, build loyalty in your customers and help your business scale. Research shows that UK SMEs are aware of the power of embedded finance and plan to implement it. If you’re one of those B2B businesses thinking of offering flexible payment terms to your customers at checkout, read on to learn how simple it is to implement Kriya Payments. 

Kriya Payments is a brilliant way to help your customers sail through checkout. With us, you can offer many flexible payment options - paying in 30, 60, 90 days, at the end of the following month, or even in three instalments.

We bear the responsibility for due diligence and collect the payments. This means you have all the benefits of offering flexible credit but without the hassle.

Integrating B2B buy now pay later with Kriya Payments 

Our customers praise us for our customer service and flexibility. We want to make embedded credit accessible, no matter the size or resource of your business. This is why we have many ways to integrate whatever your needs. 

eCommerce apps and extensions

Kriya has developed apps and extensions for key eCommerce platforms, making it the easiest and quickest way to embed B2B buy now pay later at checkout.

This option uses the Payments Journey API flow but is even quicker to implement, taking less than a week. The merchant downloads the app, enters their details and is ready to go. 

Integration via this route will require the merchant to have their store built with a supported eCommerce platform. Integration of Kriya Payments is currently available via these platforms:

Kriya Payments extension on nopCommerce

Payments Journey API

A light-weight integration option. The user experience is pre-defined by Kriya, meaning they're redirected to our hosted Payments Journey to complete the purchase. The journey will be co-branded with the merchant’s logo.

The development effort is much lower and it only takes a week or two to integrate. Another benefit is that the Payments Journey is always compliant and up to date with the latest Kriya functionality without the need for further development work. 

This option would be best suited for merchants with a smaller development team and less capacity or those looking to go live quickly. 

Meatex's checkout built with Payments Journey API

Direct API

This integration option comes with the most flexibility! Standalone API allows for the most customised checkout solution. The merchant keeps full ownership of their checkout and purchase journey, keeping customers within their domain and transacting with confidence.

From our experience, the Direct API integration can be completed within 4 weeks. The integration will require some technical changes and is best suited for platforms supported by a strong development team.

Opply’s checkout built with Kriya Direct API

The Kriya team is working on adding more eCommerce plugins all the time, so get in touch and let us know where we should focus our efforts next!  

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