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Life at Kriya

A catch up with Kriya’s Enterprise Commercial Lead

June 13, 2024
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Hear from our Enterprise Commercial Lead, Nicolò Maneri, about his team, and why the PayLater space is so exciting!

Meet the Team | Enterprise Commercial Lead | Kriya | Nicolò Maneri

Tell us about your role 

I lead the growth of the Commercial Team to achieve Kriya's strategic objectives and win new business.

What does the Commercial Team do?

At its core, we're all about selling! The Commercial Team is responsible for all aspects related to customer acquisition and retention. Kriya has a strong 12-year track record of success, and some very ambitious goals in the B2B Payments space. Our mission is to deliver on those by making sure our merchants are successful.

What makes the B2B PayLater space so exciting?

It’s no secret that B2B payments lag behind the level of experience we've become used to as consumers. But this is changing fast. Buyers now expect the B2C experience for their business purchases too. They expect flexibility in how and when they pay.

It's exciting bacause the B2B commerce is ripe for disruption and innovation. Even with eCommerce on track to grow at 18% CAGR until 2030, only 10% of B2B payments actually happen online.

With deep experience in lending, working capital and payments, Kriya is very well placed to lead in this space and deliver a truly frictionless experience to business buyers.

What led you to pursue this career path?

Throughout my career I have been fortunate to build diverse experiences that allowed me to understand not only sales but also the complexity of business services. I've done roles from banking operations to sales, at some of the biggest, SaaS companies, banks and fintechs.

I consider myself to be a data-driven person with a passion for strategy and problem-solving. I enjoy building new teams and enabling their success by putting people first. In doing this, I always strive to see the glass half full!

What are the traits of a successful sales professional?

To be successful you have to be highly driven and tenacious. It's important to be a great communicator and speak with credibility to C-Level executives. To do this well you need to be able to simplify complex concepts.

What do you enjoy the most about working at Kriya?

Kriya's company values all resonate with me in different ways. However the one I embrace the most is #MakeItHappen. I love to break down problems and find solutions using available data and clear assumptions.

The reality of working here beat my expectations (that were already quite high!). Every member of the team is very much an expert in their field and we challenge ourselves to deliver our best work.

Lastly, I'm not originally from the UK, so a benefit I particularly enjoy is being able to work 60 days per year from abroad. This gives me the flexibility of visiting my family abroad without having to use annual leave.

At Kriya we’re all about #1team1dream, how do you embrace this?

Being in an industry that's rapidly changing and growing, it’s so important to adapt quickly to new trends. Having a team with diverse experiences is so important here. We're often experimenting with new tech and tools to make us more efficient. And we collaborate closely with the Growth and Product Teams as part of our go-to-market approach. Welcoming and encouraging everyone’s opinion is the best way to grow!

Interested in working at Kriya?

Then we’d love to hear from you! Check out our careers page for any open vacancies and get in touch. Make sure to follow us on LinkedIn to hear about any new open positions and keep up to date with company news.

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